Saving Bees with Surveillance, Santa Barbara Independent, November 30 2015

EyesOnHives Uses Data and Analytics to Combat Declining Bee Populations Monday, November 30, 2015 by SAM GOLDMAN A new project called EyesOnHives has beekeepers buzzing. Developed by Santa Barbara–based Keltronix, Inc., the technology uses video to monitor hive activity in order to keep track of its health. A rapid decline in the insects’ population in recent[…]

Technology Aims to Save Struggling Honeybee Populations in Santa Barbara, Noozhawk, November 11 2015

By Gina Potthoff, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @ginapotthoff Santa Barbara-based Keltronix, Inc. have launched EyesOnHives, a cloud-based analytics platform that allows beehive owners, scientists and researchers to keep eyes on bees for early warning signs of trouble. A powerful camera and computer are placed at the beehive and connected to the internet, where beekeepers can[…]