EyesOnHives Preventing Colony Collapse with Data

SANTA BARBARA, California — June 21, 2016 — Keltronix Inc today announced that EyesOnHives™ systems are regularly helping beekeepers understand the health of bee colonies, and leading to interventions which prevent colony collapse. A free livecast June 30th will outline how beekeepers using EyesOnHives are able to see a hive has become queenless before the[…]

EyesOnCats – cat highlights with data analytics

SANTA BARBARA, California – April 1 2016 – Keltronix Inc today announced the launch of EyesOnCats, an activity monitoring platform for cat owners to remotely view exciting cat video highlights, and understand the daily activity patterns of their cats. Building on the EyesOnHives smart video monitors and analytics platform used by beekeepers, the EyesOnCats devices[…]

Keltronix Inc Introduces EyesOnHives

EyesOnHives gives Beekeepers and Researchers the Tools to Revolutionize Honey Bee Hive Monitoring.   SANTA BARBARA, California — November 2, 2015 — Keltronix Inc today announced the launch of EyesOnHives™ a powerful analytics platform that helps beekeepers, scientists, and other researchers quantify and assess the activity and health of a beehive. With EyesOnHives, beehive activity data[…]