EyesOnCats – cat highlights with data analytics

SANTA BARBARA, California – April 1 2016 – Keltronix Inc today announced the launch of EyesOnCats, an activity monitoring platform for cat owners to remotely view exciting cat video highlights, and understand the daily activity patterns of their cats.

Building on the EyesOnHives smart video monitors and analytics platform used by beekeepers, the EyesOnCats devices have delighted pet owners, and provided never before seen data and insights into cat shenanigans, health and wellness.

Videos are recorded by the devices and automatically uploaded to the EyesOnCats platform, along with with data indicating the cat activity throughout the day, so highlights can be easily seen by owners.  Enabled with activity data, owners can gauge whether they need make cat friendly improvements to their home.

Chairman Kelton Temby shared “We eliminated the barriers of space and time for people to enjoy fun videos of their cats.  There was a clear need for tools to automatically identify and upload new videos of cats to the internet”.

He added “We were also surprised and excited to discover patterns in the ‘cat-tivity’ metric. People just didn’t know what their cats were doing while they were away during the day.

What is your cat doing during the day?


Helping people help cats

Cat expert and local cat shelter volunteer Chris Lambrecht advised “It’s especially important to ensure cats enjoy a healthy dose of physical activity on a daily basis. EyesOnCats allows cat owners to better understand their cats’ daily activity patterns.”

“This is helpful not only in determining whether our cats are getting enough exercise, but also for detecting changes in their daily routines that may indicative of health issues or external stressors that we don’t observe while away from home.”  You can donate to the shelter Chris volunteers for here.


The company has announced the EyesOnCats monitors will be available for a limited Beta release on Indiegogo. The devices can be pre-ordered for April delivery.

Check Out EyesOnCats on Indiegogo

What is your cat doing during the day?