Your encouraging support makes a huge difference!

We wanted to let you know that you, our supporters, are awesome.  Your encouraging support really has a big impact on our team.

Whether you are online, or know us locally, your actions say you care about helping the bees, and that you believe in us. Thank you!

Local SBBA Supporters of EyesOnHives


Encouraging progress

We’re excited that in the first 36 hours your help made our project cross the quarter funded milestone!  We’re really excited for the opportunity to bring more hives online and help more beekeepers help their bees!

Encouraging Funding Progress

As you may know, our team has an engineering background, and we are really just learning the ropes on how to share our story.  Will you please continue to help us and click the buttons for facebook and twitter and share with your friends what this project means to you?

Please click this page to help us spread the word!

Have a wonderful weekend, we hope to have more exciting updates soon.

from Kelton, Nick, Scott, Jon, Nate, Eric & Thomas, and all of our local friends already behind the project!

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