Golden Queen of the Beach Bees

Next day it was time to introduce the Beach Bees to their new home!   There were a lot of bees packed together tightly, but their color was very similar to the other bees I am keeping.  The real surprise was that unlike the Dark Queen, this colony from the beach turned out to have a beautiful Golden Queen as its ruler.

This is the nuc after I had transferred the first four frames.

Rescued Bees Being Transferred to their new home

Merging Bees Again

After observing the lack of assimilation between the Garage Bees and the Compost Bees for the previous week, I decided to take a newbie risk and merge the Beach Bees with the Garage bees to form a stronger colony.

Doubling down on my newbie risks, I decided to do the merger of the tiny colonies within the one deep, with a newspaper separation over one of the frames… time will tell if it was a good idea.

The risk and concern is that the laying workers will decide to kill the new Queen.

Golden Queen of the Beach Bees

As I removed the Beach Bees from the nuc I was delighted to see an active, happy looking Golden Queen!  Woohoo!

Golden Queen of the Beach Bees

Long live the Queen, and may she and her colony live happily ever after.

Bees in their new home

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