InDemand, Shipping, & Discovering the Swarming Signal

EyesOnHives InDemand

Our goal is to enable more beekeepers to monitor their bees, and benefit everyone with the data. We’re now making more beta systems available for pre-order online on our website.  We’re also continuing to reach people through crowd funding with Indiegogo InDemand. We hope to build interest for a true production run, of course still built here in the USA.  Please check it out and share with your friends!

EyesOnHives on Indiegogo InDemand

Shipping on Time!

We built and shipped all February units on time, and March EyesOnHives units are set to head out over the next two weeks!

Shipping EyesOnHives Model B!

If you haven’t already, please message us with your shipping address.  If you need any help setting up your device, we’ll be happy to help too!

Social Bees

We’ll be sending out an invitation to you awesome Social Bee Backers to join beekeepers on the platform next week!  Right now we’re working on some tutorials and walkthrough’s to help make it easy to see what you can do with the app!

Do you have 39 seconds to help spread the word about EyesOnHives? Please click this link!

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Discovering the Swarming Signal

It was pretty incredible to see the first EyesOnHives monitored hive exhibit a totally new activity pattern – a giant spike 3x the regular orientation activity size, and before midday.

It was even more incredible when we started noticing this spike occurring across a whole range of hives, alerting beekeepers as it was happening, and confirming these were swarming hives.  EyesOnHives has discovered the Swarming Signal!

Check out the signal, and a corresponding time lapse video and read more about the swarming signal, and how it is different to the orientation signal, on our blog.

If you’d like to read more about some of the discoveries we’re making with EyesOnHives, check out our blog!

Thank you!

Kelton, Jon, Nick, Scott, Nate & Eric

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