Swarm Rescue and future Honey Bee Health Monitored Bees

Eyesonhives at Central Valley Beekeepers Association Day for Beekeepers

Honored to be invited to present our Eyesonhives project to the Central Valley Beekeepers Association “Day for Beekeepers” meetup! Event Details The event will be hosted in Dadant’s Fresno location.  Event details: Time: Saturday Feb 18th, 2017.  Eating starts 11:30am.   Speakers start 1:30pm Location: Dadant & Sons Beekeeping Supply Co. Address: 3914 N. Winery   Fresno  CA […]

Tax deductions for bees?

Imagine if a bill was passed that offered farmers the option of installing bee colonies on their land in exchange for tax deductions – Jonathan O Do you remember the people who encouraged and supported your ideas?  I was reminded of the goodness of answering questions constructively recently when reading a great answer on Quora[…]

Washboarding Bees

Washboarding: a curiosity of beekeeping? Washboarding is an interesting behavior where bees walk back and forth in a ‘washboarding dance’, for reasons apparently unknown to beekeeping. Some speculate the bees do this when food sources are unavailable, or the bees don’t know where to find them. What does observation tell us? EyesOnHives allows us to visually[…]

Citizen Science & Tech Helping Bees Livecast – EyesOnHives

Check out the 45minute livecast and Q&A session with EyesOnHives project lead Kelton Temby. Livecast date: June 30th. Title: Citizen Science & Tech Helping Bees Livecast – EyesOnHives Length: 46mins, transcript below. Starting with Citizen Science In this introduction livecast we share the story of EyesOnHives!  We outline why we started, then launch in to how beekeepers[…]

Yellow Faced Bumblebee Bombus Vosnesenskii

This beautiful bee is Bombus Vosnesenskii, the native Yellow Faced Bumblebee. You can imagine our surprise and joy to see this amazing creature dancing from flower to flower in the protected coastal meadows of Cambria California last weekend! The flower in these pictures is a coastal California native too – erigeron glaucus known as “Seaside Daisy”.  You can[…]

Ever wonder if there's a bee Picasso inside your hive?

Fermentation: Bee Pollen to Bee Bread

Ever wonder if there’s a bee Picasso inside your hive, creating works of art with her palette of bee pollen? A hive inspection often includes joy and surprise at the simple beauty of the inside of the bees’ hive. These great colors show the diversity of pollen from local flowers organized meticulously in comb near the[…]

What’s on the Beehive’s Landing Board?

EyesOnHives quantifies flight activity levels – the signal creates a record of forager activity, orientation, swarming, robbing etc. You can look for things like what’s happening on the landing board, and pollen income in the videos too since you can actually see the bees (a little easier to interpret than scale weight data!). The tech also makes it[…]

Of Mice, Men, and Bee Swarms

If you haven’t seen or heard about a few bee swarms yet, then you probably don’t live in the southern part of the United States.  Swarm season is in full overdrive this month here! Are you prepared for bee swarms? Swarm traps are a heck of a lot better than the unprepared alternative I threw[…]

Broad spectrum cyfluthrin pesticide is being sprayed in backyards with citrus trees for ACP control in Santa Barbara County, followed by neonicotinoids in June.

Mass Pesticide Spraying for ACP in Santa Barbara: Dogs, Cats & Bees at Risk

Situation: Pesticide is being sprayed in backyards with citrus trees all around Santa Barbara County starting this week. The pesticide is a broad spectrum synthetic cyfluthrin spray, and will be followed in June by soil drenching of systemic imidacloprid neonicotinoid pesticide. The initiative is being implemented by the Santa Barbara County Ag Department to control the[…]

Mystery Bee in Garden

Wanted to share some pics I took this past Sunday in my garden. It’s a furry, silvery mystery bee with black and white stripes I hadn’t seen till after this recent rain. These bees were significantly smaller than my honeybees, moved faster, and also seemed more timid, and afraid of honeybees when they landed on the same[…]