Bees in a Queenless Hive

Over the last few days I’ve been keenly watching the bees over breakfast every morning, and relaxing after work in the evenings strumming a little acoustic guitar from my chair near the hive. My neighbor is an elementary school teacher and is quite entertained by this – apparently she wants to write a children’s book after telling her Read more about Bees in a Queenless Hive[…]

A Cut Out Bee Rescue

Following all of the Preparing and Repairing Bee Hives, it was time for a bee rescue! The night before, I prepared the backyard area, and started work on the garage panels (while bees were mostly sleeping) until un-neighborly hours. Planning and Execution of a Bee Rescue Sunday morning, myself and another friend (who recklessly/admirably agreed to help two nights before) Read more about A Cut Out Bee Rescue[…]

Bees are pretty wonderful creatures

Becoming a Beekeeper. Getting Started

Read up and make plans I’m excited about becoming a beekeeper!  I read about it all night – looking at different hive designs, wondering if I can make a Langstroth frame myself with reclaimed (non treated) wood, reading up on regulations (SB city is very bee friendly), people’s experiences, Africanized bees etc. I like honey, and Read more about Becoming a Beekeeper. Getting Started[…]

Bee-friendly garden, swarm arrived, started a hive in my garage wall

A colony of bees arrived in my bee friendly backyard within the last month, and has made its home in the side wall of our garage between the insulation and the wood. Becoming a Bee Keeper I rent on the 1600 block of Chapala.  I’m interested in beekeeping, and I think my landlord may allow me Read more about Bee-friendly garden, swarm arrived, started a hive in my garage wall[…]